We encourage you to use the onlinregistratiosysteif yoare enrollinnew or returninstudenithe EPaso IndependenSchooDistrict. All studentarrequired to attenschooithe attendance zone where they reside unless there is aapprovetransfeon fileEvery student must provide a proof of address unless considered homeless. Please refer to the Attendance Zones page on our website tdeterminwhiccampus youstudenmay attendIf the studenis undethe age o1andoes noreside witnaturaparent, please refeto thResponsible Person linfor furtheinformationIyou are step-parenand wisto obtaiinformation on youspouse's child/childrenStep Parent Affidavit must be completed. Iyou have additionaquestionsyomay contact StudenanParenServices at 230-2080 or at

If you have applied for a transfer on behalf of your child/children, the transfer(s) must be approved by Student and Parent Services prior to enrollment at the new campus. Do not withdraw from the home campus until the final approval is received from Student and Parent Services. If your student is currently enrolled in and EPISD school, you must notify the current campus of enrollment before, enrolling at a new campus.  

Click here to complete online registration.  

Registration Dates for Logan Elementary:

Military Registration is on July 31st, August 2, August 3 from 08:30-11:00 and 1:00-3:30

Regular Registration will start August 7th - 11th and August 15th - 17th from 08:30 - 11:00 and 1:00 - 3:30.

Documents Required for Registration

‚ÄčImmunization Records
Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
Proof Address (Housing Lease or Energy Bill)
Parent Driver's License or State ID
Previous school records and/or report card
Families with a step-parent will be required to complete and have notarized a step parent power of attorney