PE Excuses
Excusing a Student from PE

If your child is well enough to play before school, after school, or at lunch recess, he/she should be allowed to participate in PE. PE is an important class that helps student to perform better in the classroom. This class should not be missed if at all possible.
If you feel that your child should not participate in PE, you must notify the front office in writing. You do not need to notify the nurse, unless your child needs medical care due to an injury. Please provide a reason that your child should not participate so that the coaches can find an alternative activity that will not affect the child's condition. 

     * Unless other arrangement are specifically made with the school administration, students with PE excuses will go outside to PE with their class. The coaches will select an alternative activity that meets their abilities.

     *A parent can only request a PE excuse for 3 days. After that time, a note will be required from a medical provider to extend a PE excuse. The school reserves the right to require a doctor's note for PE excuses when there is a history of excessive parent requests without clear medical cause. 

     * The front office processes parent requests and distributes PE excuses to teacher and coaches. It is recommended that you provide your request directly to the front office to ensure that it is received prior to your child's PE period. Requests sent in backpacks or through other means are sometimes not received by the front office and processed until after the child's PE period. To ensure the most timely processing, please provide requests directly to the front office when possible.